What is ChemAtoZ?

ChemAtoZ is an e-Commerce platform created to help suppliers reach out to buyers with their diverse range of products. With an effective and efficient mechanism for suppliers to showcase their range of products ChemAto Z is committed to support suppliers to expand their markets and aid them in developing in various sectors like pharmaceutical, biological and chemical industries.

How will ChemAtoZ solve the suppliers’ problems?

With linking the suppliers and their merchandise to a large network of domestic as well as international clientele ChemAtoZ helps to expand the suppliers market to a large extent. We at ChemAtoZ also house an extremely qualified and experienced support team to help guide our sellers with the required market research, analysis of client feedback as well as the market sentiment to help them improvise and accomplish great heights.

How does it work?

  • Step 1: Seller registration - Sellers need to register with ChemAtoZ and add their products in the panel.
  • Step 2: Add product catalogue - Seller can input the product details like CAS no. molecular formulae, molecular structure, molecular weight, etc. Sellers can add or delete products from their product catalogue at their convenience.
  • Step 3: Share Quote – Order leads will be sent to the suppliers’ basis the product inquired. The suppliers need to share a quote as per the details provided. In addition, Ecommerce functionalities are going to be added soon to the platform.