What is ChemAtoZ ?

ChemAtoZ is an e-Commerce platform for giving buyers an easy access to a diverse range of products at just the click of a button. A comprehensive chemical database and a resourceful supplier management system matched with an intelligent analytics engine enables this platform to assist buyers in getting their desired products with great ease.

How will ChemAtoZ solve the buyer’s problems?

The biggest need gap that ChemAtoZ aims to fulfil is providing a match between a trusted buyer and seller at the right price and at the click of a button. Using technology this platform will help speed up the process of finding the perfect match for a buyer in terms of the product and the seller.

How does it work?

The highlight of this platform is the ease of usage which can be listed down in the below steps :

  1. Search with Ease - The buyers can search for a product through the product name or its CAS no.
  2. Add to Cart - Once the product is identified, the buyers enjoy the option of adding multiple products to their cart.
  3. Select Payment & Delivery Options - The quantity required for each product has to be mentioned along with their preferred payment terms as well as the location for the delivery of the product.
  4. Post Inquiry - Post submitting the query, our smart engine automatically sends out the inquiry to a list of suppliers who can service the request.
  5. Get Details - The support team then interacts with the sellers and provides the buyer with the best quotes from an array of sellers for them to choose from.